All About Dogs and Lawsuits

by Princess Leia, Golden Retriever and Loyal Assistant at Linda Schwichtenberg, P.A.

This is the best day ever! They told me I get to write a blog about walks (I LOVE walks!), pooping, bars, and HOAs.

All About Walks: Leash Laws in Orlando

Orange County says I have to be on a leash when I’m off of Linda’s property, or somewhere out in public. There’s also a law that says Linda can’t tie me up on public property and leave me. (She would never do that. I’m a GOOD DOG!)

I had this one friend that used to go on walks and he held his leash in his mouth because his human said he was leashed, technically. Linda says his human was not-very-smart and she won’t let me take myself for a walk.

I have this other friend that fits in a bag and she gets carried around that way. She still has to be on a leash. I’m going to ask Linda to carry me around in a bag! A big bag I think.

Dog Bites and Injury

Some people are afraid of dogs because a dog has bitten them. I stay in my crate when I’m in the office (unless you ask for me) so that people aren’t afraid.

I have never bit anyone, but I have given doggie kisses to many people. Doggie kisses are ok. Biting is not ok. Biting is not ever ok, leash or no leash.

Sometimes kids stick their faces in mine face and ask for doggie kisses. Sometimes when the post office lady comes into our office she pets my belly and tells me I’m wonderful. I love this!

I know that there are dogs who have bitten a person. If a dog bites someone in public, or someone who is a guest in the home, then the dog is in a lot of trouble and so is the dog’s owner. Dogs who are afraid or scared or protective of their people should stay in a crate when there are new people around. It’s better for the dog and better for the people too.

If some dog doesn’t give doggie kisses, but bites instead, then there is a lot of trouble. The dog’s owner would be responsible for the person’s medical bills, lost time from work, scars, and pain and suffering. That would be bad.

Two Dogs Walk into a Bar

A lot of places in Orlando welcome dogs, and that’s cool. Sometimes I get to go on dates with my humans! I LOVE going out! But sometimes I get side eyes from other dogs. Some dogs are a little awkward and they get weird and nippy and yappy during dog meet-ups.

Linda says if another dog hurts me – not like a getting to know you snap, but like a needs a trip to the doctor hurt – then that other dog’s human is paying my vet bills. I don’t really like going to the vet.

Everyone Poops

No one wants to see it or step in it. If I had thumbs then I would bag it up myself. But some people don’t know this, so there are Orlando and Orange County laws that say pick up after your dog! Because it’s the law. And it’s a good idea.

Some Home Owners Associations (HOAs) have entire meetings about dog poop. Neighbors get really angry about dog poop. Justin works with Linda, and Justin always says have a nice conversation before yelling. Talk before yelling about money or suing someone. Or just pick up the poop and give it back to them. Leave it on their porch or something. In a bag, of course.


All dogs are good dogs and all dogs should be on leashes and all dog poop should be picked up.
Some dogs are a little extra and we need a little extra training and time before going out in public.
Our humans are responsible for everything we do and we count on them to make good decisions for us.

The End.
Love, Leia.

P.S. See You At the Office!