Settlements and verdicts are listed before attorney’s fees, costs, and medical liens. In some cases, verdicts were amended or appealed.

Trials, verdicts, and settlements are listed to show my experience. Every case is unique. Results in one case do not predict the value of any other case. Some cases are identified only by initials due to requests for privacy and confidentiality agreements.

Auto Accidents

Nilsson vs. Earthcare Landscaping, Inc.; My client’s car car was rear-ended, causing injuries to her neck and temporal-mandibular joint. She underwent years of treatment, but her injuries persisted. At trial, the jury awarded her $225,000.00. This amount was more than the insurance of the defendant, and resulted in an additional payment of attorney’s fees and costs. As a single mother, the money helped my client care for her child, and live independently.

Mathews vs. Rental Car Company; My client’s car car was t-boned at an intersection, causing injuries to her neck and low back. After several years of litigation, the case settled during trial for a confidential six-figure amount. She was able to pay all of her bills, and have savings for future medical care.

Arostequi vs. Pierre-Louis; My client’s car was rear-ended, causing injuries to her neck and back. The judge declared a mistrial during trial. Shortly thereafter, the case settled for a confidential amount that was more than the insurance policy limits of the at-fault driver.

M.H. vs. Allstate & GEICO; My client’s car was rear-ended by a speeding driver. The force of the crash caused a chain reaction, and her car crashed into another car stopped in front. The double impact injured her neck. A few months after the crash, she underwent neck surgery. Before a lawsuit was filed, the two insurance carriers involved in the claim agreed to promptly pay their full policy limits. She paid her bills, and set aside money for future medical care.

D. T. vs. AIG; My client’s car was t-boned when another driver ran a red light at a high speed. The force of the crash caused her car to spin across the intersection, and hit a concrete retaining wall. Her arm was broken and required several surgeries. Before a lawsuit was filed, the insurance carrier involved in the claim paid the full policy limits. All of her medical bills were paid, and she had money to cover future medical care.

O. V. vs. State Farm; My client’s car was rear-ended at a high rate of speed, causing a four car chain reaction collision. After the crash, she miscarried a much-wanted baby. She also had back and neck problems from the wreck. The insurance carrier for the at-fault driver promptly paid their full limits, without the need for a lawsuit. The process was as quick as possible, and allowed my client to move towards healing, and closure.

J.C. vs. Benoit; My client’s car was rear-ended at a moderate rate of speed, causing minor property damage. After the crash, he complained of back pain. The back pain continued despite treatment, and his doctors recommended back surgery. The insurance company for the at-fault driver refused to pay their low insurance limits. My client had the back surgery, and we filed a lawsuit. After several years of litigation, the insurance company settled before trial. They agreed to pay significantly more than the insurance policy limits to resolve the claim.

S.S. vs. School Board; My client was a passenger in a friend’s car, leaving a high school parking lot. She was just getting her seat belt on when the car was crushed by a school bus making a left turn. The school bus failed to yield the right of way, and was at fault. My client was scarred from the imploding windshield, and she had broken bones. The School Board agreed to a confidential settlement. The settlement was structured to make payments during my client’s years of college, to help her cover the cost of her education.

Florida Motorcycle Claims, Motorcycle Crashes

In Florida, motorcycles are on the road for Bike Week, family events, and to simply enjoy the ride. Car drivers don’t always see the motorcycle, despite warnings to do so. Headlights, helmets, and safe driving courses by the motorcyclists are all helpful, but accidents still happen. When a car or truck hits a motorcycle, the injuries are devastating.

Motorcycle driver vs. Car driver; My client was stopped at a red light on his motorcycle. He was rear-ended by a Mercedes-Benz, causing injuries to his low back and neck. The Benz’s driver was at fault, and the insurance carrier paid the total insurance limits available, in a confidential settlement.

Motorcycle driver vs. Car driver; My client was t-boned when a car turned left and crushed him under his motorcycle. The car driver was found to be completely at fault. The insurance carrier for the car driver paid the total insurance limits available, in a confidential settlement.

Medical Malpractice, Doctor Negligence, Medical Mistakes

Most doctors are careful, well-trained, and incredibly knowledgeable in their field. A few doctors make many mistakes, and are the cause of the majority of medical malpractice claims. Most doctors do their best, but sometimes make a mistake. That mistake has catastrophic results for the patient and their family. The patient is left with medical bills, co-payments and deductibles, and the cost of future medical care.

Doe vs. Blood Bank; My client underwent surgery and received a blood transfusion which was contaminated with a deadly virus. The blood bank had not properly screened the blood. A significant and confidential pre-trial settlement was obtained that allowed my client to enjoy the remainder of her life.

J.P. vs. Malave, M.D.; My client was sexually assaulted by her psychiatrist during her therapy sessions. She kept evidence of these assaults, and that evidence was the basis for legal proceedings against the doctor. The doctor lost his Florida license, and a confidential resolution of the case was obtained on my client’s behalf.

De La Riva vs. Two Doctors; My client lost most of her vision due to the delayed diagnoses of a benign brain tumor. After several years of litigation, a lengthy trial, the jury rendered a verdict of over $800,000.00.

Doe vs. Doctor; My client was a woman in her mid 20’s. For several years, her gynecologist told her that a lump in her breast was benign. The lump was cancer, and the delay in diagnosis resulted in more radical surgery, more extensive chemotherapy and radiation, and a lower life expectancy. The doctor’s insurance carrier settled for a significant and confidential amount before a lawsuit was filed.

In re Wright; My clients were two young children whose mother died a few weeks after the birth of her fourth child. A successful claim was brought against the hospital and her doctors. A disagreement arose over the division of the claim, and I fought on my clients’ behalf for seven years. The Florida Supreme Court ruled in my favor in a 7-0 decision.

Wilkinson vs. Doctors; My client died a day after delivering her only child. The doctors responsible agreed to a confidential resolution of all claims.

Slip & Fall

Grant vs. Property Owner; My client was at a business, and went into the bathroom. The plumbing had leaked, and the floor was covered with dirty water. He fell in the water, severely injuring his back, and resulting in four back surgeries. I obtained a high six figure confidential settlement for him before trial.

T.O. vs. McDonald’s; My client was at McDonald’s, eating a late dinner with his wife. He went to the men’s room, which was flooded with dirty water. He fell and injured his low back, rupturing a disc. After conservative treatment, he underwent surgery to fuse two vertebra in his lower back. The claim settled for a confidential amount without the need for a lawsuit. All of my client’s bills were paid, and he had money to set aside for future medical care.

Personal Injury

Smith vs. Conley; My young client was bitten by a dog, causing injuries and scarring to his face. The case settled during trial for a confidential amount.

Doe vs. Southern Pre-Cast, Inc.; My client was constructing a building when a weld supporting scaffolding gave way. He fell over twenty feet, and was severely injured. After lengthy litigation, a significant and confidential settlement was reached. The settlement was structured to pay my client benefits for the rest of his life.