Nothing lasts forever, except your social media life

In an injury lawsuit, your social media posts will resurface Did you know that all of your posts, whether private or deleted, will be provided by Facebook, Instagram, and your other social media providers if they receive a subpoena? True! Deleting or making your posts private after the incident is not helpful. If, after the [...]

Florida Cracks Down on Plastic Surgery Clinics

Florida Cracks Down on Plastic Surgery Clinics After USA Today's exposé on the worst of Florida's plastic surgery clinics received nationwide attention, it looks like Florida is finally taking steps to make it harder for dangerous clinics to operate. To be fair, legislative efforts have been made since 2014 to crack down, and Florida State [...]

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Why You Must Research Your Florida Doctors

Why You Must Research Your Florida Doctors: Avoid Medical Malpractice In case you think your doctor couldn't maintain his practice and be a professional dumpster fire at the same time, think again. Florida’s "three strikes rule," passed as constitutional amendment number 8 in 2004, was supposed to prevent physicians from continuing to practice after three [...]

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Be Careful of Posting Your Personal Questions on Legal Sites

If you're looking for legal advice online, I encourage you to be aware of the risks in putting your information where anyone can find it. Avvo is a wonderful service for attorneys and the general public. The public is able to see the attorney's resume and professional standing, and attorneys are able to share their [...]

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