Vaping is not safe

Vaping is not safe. If you look back at the years when everyone smoked and wonder why anyone would do that to themselves, you're seeing history repeat itself with e-cigarettes and vaping. As your favorite injury attorney, I'm here to tell you that you can't get your lungs back, and that litigating against these companies [...]

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Nothing lasts forever, except your social media life

In an injury lawsuit, your social media posts will resurface Did you know that all of your posts, whether private or deleted, will be provided by Facebook, Instagram, and your other social media providers if they receive a subpoena? True! Deleting or making your posts private after the incident is not helpful. If, after the [...]

All About Dogs and Lawsuits

All About Dogs and Lawsuits by Princess Leia, Golden Retriever and Loyal Assistant at Linda Schwichtenberg, P.A. This is the best day ever! They told me I get to write a blog about walks (I LOVE walks!), pooping, bars, and HOAs. All About Walks: Leash Laws in Orlando Orange County says I have to be [...]

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Do you have a personal injury case if you signed a waiver?

Do you have a personal injury case if you signed a waiver? Yes, often you will have a legal standing to pursue compensation for loss, even if you signed a waiver. In general waivers can be overcome if there is negligence on the part of the person or company providing the waiver. Global Travel Marketing, [...]

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No, You May Not Defend Your Property with Booby Traps

North Carolina Man Edwin Smith was shot with his own shotgun booby trap, and then told 911 "the squirrels did me in." (To be fair, he was trying to feed the squirrels at the time his trap went off. If they hadn't been hungry, none of this would have happened.) Let's talk about booby traps [...]

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Be Careful of Posting Your Personal Questions on Legal Sites

If you're looking for legal advice online, I encourage you to be aware of the risks in putting your information where anyone can find it. Avvo is a wonderful service for attorneys and the general public. The public is able to see the attorney's resume and professional standing, and attorneys are able to share their [...]

“Do I have a personal injury case?” and other Frequently Asked Questions

"Do I have a personal injury case?" and other Frequently Asked Questions You probably have a lot of questions about your case and what to expect. Here, we've covered some of the most common ones that we hear. 1. Do I have a personal injury case? If your injuries occurred recently, are supported by medical [...]

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Do’s and Don’ts of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Do's and Don'ts of a Personal Injury Lawsuit Patient: "It hurts when I move like this..." Doctor: "Well, don't move like that." For those who have had a recent injury, that is some of the hardest advice to follow. Just like phantom limbs have a life of their own, tendons and joints and disks that [...]

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